Saturday, June 23, 2007

Only in LA...

"A trim please, number 3 on the sides, a bit off the top, and um... oh do you have that channel that shows 8 football games at once?"

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Mimi said...

Scott! I think your idea is so good. This is Elizabeth's mom, Mimi Ai. Jeff gave me the secret of the blog-gas-sphere. I love the idea of actually playing games for stakes. I would probably start with "Harry Potter." I hope this doesn't annoy you.
I saw your Mom and Dad last week in Scranton and they were so excited about Las Vegas. They looked great. I would love to go to Vegas as I have only been to Atlantic City for one day. All I saw was Really Old Ladies with Really Silvery Blue Hair and Really Red Lipstick and Really Aqua Sportsuits. They had cigarettes with hanging from their down-turned lips and those cigarettes all had Really Long Ashes. I was Really depressed after that. I guess I was expecting James Bond and Monte Carlo?
Any who, See you soon,
Liz's mom,
Mimi Ai