Thursday, March 15, 2007


My old Hermosa Beach roommate, since married and relocated back East to be nearer his beloved Red Sox and in-laws, sent me an email saying he can't believe Lenny Dykstra is writing for the The I half-expected to click over and see some tech-hippy* blab about "how to save."**

But no, it's really number # 4 Lenny Dykstra, who is writing a stock column for

I was way into Nails. In August of '90 he was chasing .400, and the local paper printed a "Dykstra Watch" on the cover of the sports page. I'd clip them out and post them above my bed.

My older brother saw me doing this and was intrigued - not in the sense of, "My kid brother is crazy," but more like "if he's doing it, then his friends are probably doing it, and we could make money from it." So, barely teenagers, we brainstormed, and decided to tweak the classic 50s chant, "I like Ike!" to "I like Dykes!"

Brilliant, we thought. It'd fit on buttons, bumperstickers, hats - and, most importantly, would appeal kids and grown-ups alike.

We approached the folks for funding and were promptly vetoed on the grounds that we would understand in a few years.


* Hereby defined as one who works in a stuffy-collar industry, but since he works for the "Internet" division of the company in said industry, he attempts to portray the boring data in a cool way - which only makes it more boring to read. I'll post a good example some time.

** There's only one way to save - as much as you can, all the time.

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