Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Note to The Girl Who Never Calls Back.

Full disclaimer: When it comes to returning phone calls, I am not reliable - as my friends, under light interrogation, would confess.

I often say "I'll call ya" in much the same way we say "See ya later" knowing full well that we will not see that person anytime soon. It's a polite way to say goodbye.

I cannot remember, though, ever telling someone, a stranger no less, that "I'll call you back in an hour" and then never call. Why so specific? Why not just let me off easy?

I have and continue to meet The Girl Who Never Calls back (after specifically telling me she will most definitely call back) many times now, and I'm beginning to think this a form of karma punishment.

Come to think of it, I would trade this type of girl for either The Girl Who Didn't Show, or the Girl Who Doesn't Email. For at least with the former she's trying to prove a point - she found a more exciting night, and the latter, well nobody cares about email.

But to not call back means there was something mediocre catching her attention, like a repeat of the "Real World" or something.

In fact, it's times like these that I dearly miss The Girl Who Gives Fake Numbers.

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