Saturday, April 7, 2007

Podcast Pick of the Day - Barnes & Noble Meet The Writers

Barnes & Noble Meet The Writers
Anne Rice
Run Time: 13:43

Hosted by Steve Bertrand, Barnes and Noble Meet the Writers is a podcast featuring interviews of best selling authors. This episode featured Anne Rice, author of the well-known novel Interview With the Vampire. She discusses character creation, her re-establishment with church teachings, her long-time despair and how she overcame it, her decision to write about Christ rather than vampires, tourists stopping to see her outside her home in New Orleans, her decision to leave New Orleans after the death of her husband, her thoughts on Katrina’s aftermath, her son’s flourishing writing career and gay activism. Enjoy.

Bertrand is a highly effective interviewer. He asks poignant questions, and is excellent at following up an author’s answer with a related question. He keeps the interview moving, and always sounds comfortable during the interview. Next to Ira Glass, he's one of the best interviewers doing podcasts.

The podcast can be found on iTunes and here.

For a complete list of Barnes & Noble Meet The Writers interviews, go here.

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