Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Business Idea Friday Disclaimer

All business ideas presented here on Fridays under the title "Free Business Idea Fridays" are free of charge. The idea behind presenting them free is that the effort in creating said idea does outweighs the benefits of creation, but that the benefits of said idea in the marketplace are sufficient that if said User out there in the world, heretofore known as You, produce referred product or service, then said poster of the linked-to post, known as Me, would think it rather awesome. If, on such rare occasions that I renege on pursuing such philanthropic (read: selfish) pursuits, and deem the idea profitable (read: more selfish), I will immediately remove the post from this site (Google cache and waybackmachine notwithstanding). However, if You were savvy enough to note such profitability in said idea before me, impossible though not improbable, then You are justly rewarded with a headstart by the laws of all that is right and true for infinity and beyond.

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