Monday, June 1, 2009

On GM…

Here’s a suggested solution to the problem of GM. They should grant the hard-working unions 100% ownership of the company. The unions, after all, are the victims in this. They always are, poor guys, always on the wrong-end of things. These poor dudes give 110% each day only to have evil Wall Street and Management run their company into the ground – not to mention the selfish average American dolts craving their gas-guzzling SUVs. What were the hard-working union members to do in the face of this?

They should grant the unions 100% ownership of the company. They deserve it. Let’s not get caught in the details regarding bond-holders, who invested in what they thought was a “safe” investment. People put their family’s wealth, their children’s trusts, retirement money, aka the boring stuff on the line for safe investments, but hey they didn’t make any cars.

With 100% ownership, then, each employee would have incentive to create cars that people want, or even, go out in the market and convince people to buy the cars they really should want to buy because it’s good for Mother Earth. Once done, we would need a to symbolize this ownership, a way for the employee to prove they have ownership. Since it’s not cool to print paper anymore, it could be a .pdf, called “SOHI” for Symbol of Ownership for Hard-working Individual.

GM’s future earnings, if they have any, can then be dispersed to the SOHIs.

Now here’s an interesting part of all this – maybe, MAYBE, sometime in the future a SOHI owner will want to sell their .pdf to a non-hard-working non-union member. Anything is possible, this is America. Imagine the incentive for the entire company.

Of course we could just call SOHIs – stocks, and run GM like every other f’n company in the country.

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